Before You Begin:

Required Forms

The following form is needed to complete the Soil Health Cover Crop Grant Application.  Please download this form, complete, and scan it because you will need to attach it to your Vendor Registration.  Processing time is reduced by completing Vendor Registration.

Vendor Registration (Preferred)

If you have not registered previously please register in order to expedite your application processing, please use the link below to register.  

Vendor Registration

Required Documentation

You will also need seed receipts and soil test results.  This documentation will need to be uploaded in the application process.

Apply Now:

Once the required forms and documentation are ready for upload, you will be ready to start the online Soil Health Cover Crop Grant Application by clicking the link below.  Please only start the application process when your Vendor Registration is complete and required forms and supporting documentation are ready for upload.  You cannot come back later to complete an incomplete application.  If you have to quit and come back later, you will need to start a new application.

Soil Health Cover Crop Grant Program

Need Help?

If you need assistance during the application process please e-mail or call 701-220-1628.

Thank you for using the online Soil Health Cover Crop Grant Application process.